Chestnut Drive Play Area

Mid Devon District Council has written to the Parish Council to tell us that they resolved in November 2015 to close this play area, and they now intend to carry this out, due to its deteriorating condition. MDDC has a policy of withdrawing support from this sort of equipment for budgetary reasons.
They say that similar equipment installed at the same time in other areas of the District has already failed and been removed. In addition they have safety inspection reports indicating rot in timber, and they say they are no longer able to carry the risk with this equipment. They plan to remove the equipment, surfacing and concrete bases. The area will be reinstated to grass with trees to complement the surroundings.
When the Councillors discussed this at the recent Parish Council meeting they felt that they should ask local residents what they thought before responding to MDDC
What is your opinion about the value of the play area and the amount of use it actually gets.

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