Increased lorry traffic through the village approved by Devon County Council

The application by the Willand Biogas Plant to increase the delivery and removal tonnage, and therefore more lorries through the village, was heard by Devon County Planning Committee on Wednesday last, 18 March.
The Parish Council Chairman and a representative of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England spoke in person against the measure and MDDC and our County Councillor Ray Radford had submitted written objections. We were supported by one resident. All fell on deaf ears and the application was approved. They still have to obtain the relevant permit from the Environment Agency as they have to deal with any odour or pollution issues.
All movements must be in closed lorries or tankers to prevent contamination, spillage or odour so if any breaches are noted please report it with a call to the Environment Agency number 0800 807060. or email the Parish Clerk at the time. Please do not leave it to others to do. If a number report something wrong all to the good. It is also a condition that the movements are not made during school pick up and drop off times.
The application to put in 24 gas generators adjacent to the site is still being considered by MDDC as members have indicated they wish to refuse the application.