Message from Chair of the Parish Council

We are in the midst of difficult times with the current Coronavirus pandemic.
Advice and direction have been changing daily.
As one of your Ward Councillors and chair of the Parish Council I receive regular briefings from Government, and council officers which I share with the Parish Council team.
The village has some willing volunteers who have set up a system whereby help can be achieved and a leaflet has been delivered to every household. If you require support, please reach out to the numbers provided or if you are able, please offer support to your neighbours.
A number of ideas have been put forward to the Parish Council directly or comments have been noted on social media. All these have received consideration.

In the light of the latest directive from Government and advice from Public Health England decisions have been made by the Council as follows:
1. The four small fenced play areas will be locked until further notice and signed. They will continue to have the grass cut in them. It will also give the handyman time to resolve any maintenance issues.
2. In line with Public Health England advice, grass cutting by our contractors will continue. They are well aware of the need for social space requirements and are responsible for their own workforce. They will be working in the open air. Please do not abuse them for doing their job – it has happened.
3. I have had detailed discussions with John Holmes, our Litter Picker, and I have told him to stop doing the ‘street/road cleans’ for the time being. On two days per week he will check and clear litter in Jubilee Field and Orchard Way. He will be in the open air and again is aware of the need to keep the required space from others. The reason for this decision is to try and ensure that we do not become liable for any Health and Safety or injury issues from litter left in the fields or dangers caused by the phantom hole digger.

We still have some irresponsible people out there. Everyone’s cooperation to make things work and look after our community is required please and keeping safe distances apart is one of them.

If we are required to make any other decisions relating to the village I will let you know.

Barry G J Warren
Chair Willand Parish Council.