Council Tax Reduction and hardship payments

The government has announced there’ll be additional hardship funding to help towards Council Tax payments.
How can I qualify for hardship funding?
If you’ve already applied for Council Tax reduction (CTR) or you already have an active Housing Benefit or CTR claim, you can qualify for this funding,
If you don’t have a previous or active claim, please apply for Council Tax Reduction using our secure online portal. See View and make changes to your Benefit claim online to find out more about our online portal, how to setup an account and link it to your benefit claim.
The government has announced that those of Working Age and in receipt of Council Tax reduction, will receive an additional £150 payment on top of any Council Tax reduction award. Those with less than £150 liability will have a ‘nil’ bill.
We’re working hard to get this money applied to our current claims and we’ll issue revised bills in due course. You don’t need to apply for this extra funding directly.
What additional help is there if I still can’t afford my council tax?
If both your Council Tax reduction award and the £150 payment doesn’t fully cover your Council Tax charge, you can apply for additional help from the hardship fund. Please complete our Financial Information Sheet (also available under downloads and upload to your account using our online portal), or email it to us at
You don’t need to wait for your Council Tax Reduction application to be processed before you apply for the hardship payment, but we cannot award any additional help until we’ve received your Council Tax Reduction application.
For further information about claiming Council Tax Reduction or Exceptional Hardship payments, please visit our Benefits section.
See also GOV.UK for a step by step guide on how to claim Universal Credit.