Message from Chair of the Parish Council

We continue to be in difficult times but we need to remain vigilant and follow the advice given if we want to look after our community and ourselves.

1. Please remember to keep your distance – most are but we have some instances of congregations outside of work places;

2. Brown bin collections have been suspended until further notice and blue food caddies will only be collected on the same day as recycling and black bags.

As a District Councillor I have heard no suggestions of this being permanent and I chair the committee which would recommend that action if ever it were put forward.

Please do not let us have unfounded rumours as they do not help. Changes in collections are put on the website and it is appreciated that not all see this so please help by telling your neighbours.

3. Our volunteer system is still developing. Problems are being experienced by some in having medicines delivered by our local pharmacy. They have limits on time and staff and will naturally look after their regular customers first. You need to ask the Doctor to send repeat prescriptions to Willand if you want to become one of their customers. If others do not deliver then we need to look after those who look after us.

4. People are seeing that dog and litter bins are full and then are leaving dog mess on the ground beside them. Please take it to the next bin that has capacity or take it home and put it in your own bin as you would if you cleaned it off your back yard or lawn. It all goes in the same lorry to the incinerator. Please tell MDDC Customer Services or the Clerk or me of full bins. I contacted MDDC this morning and our bins were cleared today – may not always be that quick. Do not put household rubbish in these bins as if you get caught it could be costly.

5. MDDC are being required to deliver certain foods to households in need and this is going to take staff and resources so please be patient if some things take a little longer. If you have a problem that you feel is not being resolved then you have a choice of three District Councillors who will try and help.


Thank you and keep safe.