Message from Chair of the Parish Council

Our community is holding together with the very vast majority following the advice.

Getting deliveries from supermarkets are proving difficult in some areas so please keep your personal visits to the minimum.  Staff at the ones I have visited are doing a great job even at personal risk to themselves.  For those that have felt the need to criticise those that are trying to keep things going please give a lot of thought to your views before sharing them.

MDDC has been able to recruit some more drivers and so hopefully next week the normal service will be resumed for collecting weekly food waste and the brown bins.  Please watch social media and the MDDC website and share the information with your neighbours if they are not connected to the internet.

The Government has introduced legislation so that councils will be able to hold meetings over the internet with councillors and public participants in their own homes. Willand Parish Council has cancelled our meeting for 9 April but we will hope to have the technology set up for the week after.  Please watch our website and Facebook page for information and then share it with your own groups and friends.

If you are having difficulties please seek help through our village helpline  01884 35455 and the volunteer group will see what can be done to help.  If you are feeling really lonely you may even get a call from me!

Look after yourselves and your families and neighbours and a ‘thank you’ to those who are still keeping things going will go a long way.