Two Sisters Food Group – Social Distancing Issues

Cllr Bob Evans, MDDC Councillor for Lower Culm has been working incredibly hard assisting Willand residents with concerns voiced on social media around social distancing issues at 2SFG.

The following statement is from Cllr Evans:

I am pleased to report that I am continuing to work with the company in seeking to address your concerns which has resulted in the following actions being taken:
Staggered breaks (reduce the flow of people in the canteen) and 2 metre lines on the canteen floors.
On site communication boards (translated). Canteens and smoking areas expanded In size to allow for required social distancing,
A continued dialogue is in place to add to these in order to negate any future issues when necessary

As of this week (Monday 13th April) a security company has been engaged to support in engraining the message of social distancing with employees.
Employing a minimum of 9 security guards whose role it is to ensure all employees practice distancing at break times and shift changeover times. These guards will now be seen at the the main entrance at shift changeover times and are proving to be quite successful.

Engagement with the local Police liaison officer. Police have been invited to site, and I have been in dialogue.
The company are writing to all employees with a Willand or Cullompton address sending them a personal letter about social distancing in the local community and also the consequences of them not adhering to this.
The same letter is to be sent by the staff agency provider to all agency staff, no matter their address.

Can I finally please repeat the message that any concerns you have should in the first instance be directed to your local councillors Bob Evans, Richard Chesterton, Barry Warren or Ray Radford. We have the contacts and relationships to seek the changes needed. Social media is not a medium for engineering change.

Please do email us, your emails give us the leverage to work with the company and the relevant regulatory bodies.