Speed of Vehicles in Willand

For a while some members of the Willand Community have been suggesting that there is consistent speeding around the village.

The Parish Council were prepared to spend some of your money to have this professionally checked to see if there was a problem. Everyone accepts that there is the odd idiot around.

Fortunately it did not require Parish money to be spent as Devon County Council carried out speed checks on Silver Street and Willand Old Village. The percentile speeds recorded were as follows:

Silver Street – NE 27.8 and SW 29.4
Old Village – NE 26.4 and SW 25.5

Both are below the statutory speed limit. Silver street and Uffculme Road are already approved for speed checks by the Camera Safety Partnership.

Devon County Highways have been pressed to see if some traffic calming measures could be constructed and a comprehensive response has been received as follows:

As previously stated all the results show that the speeds are below the speed restriction therefore will almost certainly be resolved as – No Further Action.The results can be shown to residents.

It is an unfortunate reflection on modern life that there is always a proportion of motorists who consciously choose to drive at a speed more than whatever limit is in place. The responsibility is somewhat on the driver to proceed at an appropriate speed according to the conditions and road layout.

As you can appreciate this is an emotive issue and one sentiment expressed regularly in the many letters that the County Council receive is the point that each individual site is an accident waiting to happen.

In order to assess issues of safety, the County Council undertake an annual cluster review of all recorded accidents so that funds are directed towards providing schemes at locations where there is an existing recorded problem.

To consider traffic calming or a lower restriction in a road we would look at details of speed related injury collisions when there is cluster of incidents and this would be part of the annual review.

Our Policy is to have speed limits of 30 mph in residential areas and the street lights act as reminders that you are in a 30mph.

As you are probably aware the enforcement of speed limits is a matter for the police if vehicles are travelling more than the 30 mph but they have very limited resources to do this. I would suggest contacting your local Police Community Support Officer to see if they can be of any help.

There is also an initiative called Community Speed Watch which is run by the Police and involves members of the local community. ​

In consideration of the above I am unable to deliver the interventions that you perhaps had been seeking, but I trust the information has been of assistance.

The Parish Council has been pressing the police for some considerable time to have support given to a local community speed watch which we had in the past. One of our Parish Councillors is actively involved in this but currently the police have more pressing priorities for the demands on their time.