Willand Art Competition – June 2020

If you happen to walk by the primary school on the park side, you will have seen a very cheerful selection of the young students’ art attached to the fence. It seems a shame that not every resident will see this so we are proud to announce…

Willand Art Competition – June 2020

The theme is “Summer”. The competition is open to all ages and abilities. Very few rules other than the artwork should be displayed in a window or garden so that it is clearly visible from the road or footpath. Artwork may be displayed throughout June. Judging will be by our panel of experts from the Art Group and Petroc College during the last week of June. Perhaps the social media experts could organise a peoples’ vote?

We hope to offer a large number of prizes. We will approach all local businesses for contributions.   I was thinking of a large number of smaller prizes rather than a few big prizes. We will publicly name and thank all businesses who help.

Please help by printing the attached poster or, better still, painting your own poster and displaying it from today in your front window or garden.

Please help by donating a small prize or asking people that you know to donate a small prize.

Willand Primary School are very keen to be involved. They will be making a few posters to display this week.

One idea is to have a mobile installation or gallery that we can park in every street in the village so that those who are self-isolating are able to see the artwork. Does anyone have a ‘truck’ or van that would lend itself to this?

The aim is to cheer up the village so that every street contains art for residents to see as they exercise.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or ways that you could help.

Please feel free to email me on chris@oldschooltuition.co.uk with any questions.


Chris Downing