Parish Council had an E-meeting with Devon County Council Neighbourhood Highways

The Parish Council had an E-meeting with Devon County Council (DCC) Neighbourhood Highways
Officer (NHO) on 11 June as part of the ‘Doing What Matters’ initiative. This is an initiative relating
to the physical state of Devon roads. DCC are collecting data about the state of the roads,
footpaths and drainage issues through their own reconnaissance of the area by NHO’s,
information collected from residents through the website and contact with the NHO and local
knowledge through the local councils. This will be brought together, analysed and a
programme of works planned that should mean that the most important issues are dealt with
in order. It does however place all work in priority list for the whole district and will be,
dependent on money available.

The meeting identified the following areas of work on roads in Willand and prioritised them
as follows.

Station Road which had both surface and drainage issues and had heavy vehicle usage as
an important route within the village.

South View Road in particular the area around the zebra crossing and new bus stop was
identified as being separate to Station Road although it forms part of the same important

Somerville Road which is a bus route and has a number of drainage issues.

The drainage issues were prioritised as being

Somerville bus stop area

Station Road from the One Stop corner to the motorway bridge

Silver Street junction with Meadow Park and Old Village

It was noted that there are drainage issues in Gables Road that are already under
investigation. The NHO would also investigate other areas raised by the parish council to
ensure he had a clear picture of all areas of concern. These included the footpath in the front
of Townlands, the footpath in Rectory Close, drainage around the post office area and in the
South View industrial estate.

The NHO confirmed that he was going to investigate the width of the footpath on Silver
Street up to the petrol station to see if cleaning work would expose more of the tarmac, and
if it would make a difference then he would raise an order for the cleaning works to go