Speed limits in the village

The Parish Council has again spoken to Devon County Council Highways Officers regarding
speed limits in the village and possible actions that the Parish Council could take to lower
the limits and specifically asked the following question.

If the Parish Council were able to spend money to obtain an order
a) to reduce the speed limit to 20mph through Old Village
b) to extend the 30mph through the village as far as the petrol station
would this be supported by Devon County Council. The Parish Council had previously
asked for the speed limit of 30mph on the B3181 to be extended to the garage as part of
the planning applications for both Ash Close and Rowan Lea. On both occasions the
Highways experts advised the planning committee that it was not necessary and
therefore it was not conditioned as part of the planning approval.

It was explained that this would not be supported by Devon County Council because
a) there is no firm evidence that excessive speeds are being driven
b) that there is no hard evidence that the current speeds are creating a dangerous
situation – no accident statistics, police reports etc.
c) the number of roads that lead off Silver Street, even with the addition of Rowan Lea
and Ash Close are not enough to make up the number required for lowering the
speed limit which is currently 20 frontages (driveways) in a 600 metre stretch of road.

The Neighbourhood Highways Officer confirmed that current Government guidelines on
speed limits and the Devon County Council adopted policies would not support this change
and the Parish Council would need this support to progress an application for an order.

The only advice that the Parish Council has received is that local landowners/householders
could put up signs asking people to slow down as it is a residential area. Signs indicating an
alternative speed limit would still be illegal even if on private land and in effect make the
current speed limit void so that it would be difficult to prosecute/fine anyone who exceeded
it. The Parish Council does not own land along the road so cannot do this.