Play Area and Equipment

The play area and equipment in the Jubilee Field is owned by the Parish Council on behalf of the village. It pays for monthly inspections of the equipment, and a number of repairs have been made over time to ensure that it is safe. The Parish Council was made aware more than two years ago that the multi play equipment was reaching the end of its life. It decided then that when the time came it would be better to replace the equipment than just to remove it as unsafe, and began to reserve money to pay for this.
Last year the process of finding a suitable replacement was started. At the same time the safety inspectors informed the Council that the roundabout was also in need of replacement. The black safety surface within the fenced area was also identified as coming to the end of its life. Patching the holes and damaged surfaces would no longer be an acceptable solution. Not to do this work would result in the playground being closed.
The Parish Council has decided to replace the two items of equipment, and all the safety surface in the area this year. The roundabout will be an inclusive model that will allow wheelchair users to go on it. This work will secure the play area use for another 15 years, although other pieces of equipment will still need to be maintained and possibly replaced.
Despite the lockdown the Parish Council decided on 11 June to go forward with this work now, and the order has been placed. It is hoped that the work will be completed in August, but the Parish Council is waiting for clarification on the date because delivery and installation has been affected by COVID-19.