Willand Art Competition – Judging 26-30 June

Willand Art Competition – Judging 26-30 June

Our expert judges will be out pounding the streets on the look out for art, Friday 26th to Tuesday 30th June. We hope to announce the winners by the end of 30th June.

If you know anyone who has an entry in a more obscure location, please phone or email us with the address and we will make sure that it is visited. (Please contact Chris Downing (Organiser) on chris@oldschooltuition.co.uk or The Parish Clerk on clerk@willand-pc.org.uk, or telephone the Helpline on 01884 35455.

It is important the the Judges are made aware of all the properties wishing to take part.

The following prizes and more will be up for grabs:-

Really nice hamper from Cullompton Farmers’ Market, some gift tokens from our local butcher, “Butchr” (behind the Co-op), cuddly toys from Pencarrie wholesalers on the South View Industrial Estate. Other prizes on the way from the Co-op, Victoria Windows and others. Victoria Windows are making us a mobile display board.

We look forward to seeing your displays and good luck!