The Future of the Public Payphone – Adjacent to the Bus Shelter in Silver Street, Willand

The Parish Council have been consulted on whether the above phone box in Silver Street should be retained.
The last time it was brought to the Parish Council’s attention, we managed to persuade them to keep it as it was used more regularly. However, since then, the number of calls recorded each month has reduced quite considerably, but it is still used.
If you are a user, or maybe you know someone who uses this service, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the Clerk, by no later than the 24th July to enable a response to be made to MDDC. Alternatively, please feel free to contact MDDC direct. (details for both are below)
The Parish Council are looking for suggestions to support a case of why this service should stay.
If you are able to help with this, please contact The Clerk on 07920014407, or email or find “Willand Parish” on Facebook
For further information, please click below:-