North Devon Link Road – Devon County Council, Devon Highways update

North Devon Link Road

We are starting a comprehensive programme of urgent tree safety works on the North Devon Link Road (A361/A39) this autumn to remove ash trees infected with ash die back disease.  This is essential work to remove potential hazards to people travelling on this route.  Ash die back is now wide spread across Devon and we have observed a significant increase in the number of trees that are infected and deteriorating in condition over this spring summer season. The Council has therefore taken the decision to remove these potential hazards on the North Devon Link Road as a priority and as soon as practically possible because it is such a busy and strategically important route.

During the lockdown period whilst traffic was at a minimal level we did as much work as we possibly could on some of the highest traffic flow sections.  It is essential our contractors now return to complete the remainder of the work.

This second phase of work has been mobilised at short notice primarily for public safety reasons but also taking into consideration the most favourable timing for wildlife.   This gives us a short working window between 1 September and mid-November to complete the work on over 46km of the A39 and A361.

We have endeavoured to minimise disruption by working using lane closures and traffic lights where possible, rather than full road closures for the full duration of the work.   However, some disruption can be expected with traffic delays during the daytime and speed reduced to 40mph.  When there are no alternative acceptable methods of managing the traffic it will be necessary to implement full road closures with diversions on some evenings.   Signs will be placed 7 days in advance of each planned road closure.   Updated information on the work programme can be found on our dedicated webpage.

If you have any further questions about these works, which the webpage does not answer please email Jackie Taylor the Project Manager –  (