Welcome back some normality, but remember “Hands, Face and Space” – Social Distancing still applies

It’s lovely to see our children settling back into School, and enjoying seeing their friends after what must feel like an awfully long time away for them.

We hope that the children just starting School for the first time have had a good week and sleep well for their parents this weekend, ready for a new week next week!

With some normality appearing to return, please also remember that we are still socially distancing as the pandemic is far from over.

With Schools, supermarkets, shops, Town Centres and others doing their bit to keep social distancing, please continue to be mindful while dropping off/waiting to collect your children from School and continue the good work of Mrs Hawkins and her staff in keeping yourselves and others safe.

Once you are reunited with your child/children, please make space so that other parents can safely collect their children.

With the fenced play area being out of use due to new equipment arriving from Monday (14th Sept) and this being a clear favourite of the children after School, can we remind you that Willand has several other playareas that you and your children can enjoy safely:

Victoria Close Park,
Orchard Way Park,
Worcester Crescent Park
Buttercup Road
Mallow Court
Harpitt Close
Chestnut Park

To name but a few.

Please also remember the government campaign of “Hands, Face and Space!”

Let’s continue to keep each other safe.