Council Set to Trial New Waste Collections and Boost Recycling

Members of the Council have taken a step towards trialling a new waste collection
On Tuesday, 3 November, Members of the Council’s Environment PDG voted to approve
the recommendations to support a new waste collection trial. The recommendation will
now be put to the Council’s Cabinet.
If approved 1000 households will take part in the trial to assess the impact of moving to a
new system, with three of the four options being considered involving moving from the
current two-weekly collection of residual waste (black sack/black wheelie bins) to a three-
weekly collection. Weekly food collections and garden waste collections would be
unaffected, while recycling collections would either remain the same, or be increased to
The trial is part of a process to improve recycling rates as well as reduce emissions from
collection vehicles. It will also help the Council to meet with Government guidelines
to recycle 65% of household waste by 2035 and Devon’s proposed 60% target
rate by 2025.
Mid Devon has not implemented any significant changes to its waste collections since
2015 and is now looking to follow many others local authorities, including neighbouring
Somerset, who have successfully implemented three-weekly residual waste schemes.
If approved the trial, which will include both rural and urban areas, may begin in early
summer and will last for a minimum of three months.
Cllr Colin Slade, Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “This Council is committed to
supporting our climate pledge by reducing our carbon footprint, cutting the amount of
waste we produce and improving the proportion we recycle. This is a small but significant
change towards our environmental ambitions and one we hope our residents will
The full options being considered in the trial, as well as the benefits and cost implications
for each, are detailed in a report found here.