Scam Information received from Devon and Cornwall Police regarding Amazon or Amazon Prime

There have been various scams taking place where a cold caller, email, or automated call claims to be from Amazon or Amazon Prime recently, and now we would like to make you aware of another variation of scam of a person cold calling informing the resident that they have been signed up to Amazon Prime and when the resident says they don’t know what it is or don’t have it they are offered a refund, a story line is then given of accidentally refunding too much to the resident of a much larger amount and for the resident to send the money back – this is a scam.

Please be wary of this and any automated call of this type and other variations, which may include:

  • an automated call stating a number should be pressed for various reasons
  • or by someone in person asking for vouchers to be purchased in a shop and codes to be handed over
  • a request to download an app
  • emails with links attached (to phishing sites)

All of these are scams and instructions should not be followed, please hang up, don’t give out any personal information or click on any links.

Never give your bank details and never let someone have control of your computer remotely.
If you want to check a call is genuine  – hang up and contact the company via a reliable source. Please wait ten minutes before making another call or clear the line by phoning a friend/family member.

If you have any concerns please phone 101 or email
If you have fallen victim to a scam, please report this to Action Fraud:
Please report any suspicious emails you receive to the National Cyber Security Centre: