Under proposals by the Boundary Commission for England (BCE), the number of constituencies in the South West will increase from 55 to 58. The proposal for our area is a “Tiverton and Minehead” constituency. Use the link below to access the BCE website to:
– view current constituency and local authority boundaries
– view BCE proposals for new constituency boundaries
– submit a response directly to BCE about their proposals


The Local Government Boundary Commission has submitted its first findings on possible
changes for the 2023 Local Government elections. It has decided that Mid Devon District
Council will retain 42 Councillors as now but some of the Ward boundaries will change to try
and achieve an equitable share of voters per councillor. A copy of the full report is attached
as a PDF file. Our specific ward is Lower Culm and the map is on page 14 of the report and
the following paragraphs explain their views on ours and adjoining wards. Lower Culm is
specifically referred to in paragraphs 59 – 64 inclusive.

In spite of Willand and Uffculme Parishes trying to change their boundaries to be more
representative of what is actually on the ground the ‘Halberton Bulge’ to the east of the M5
will still be under the Halberton Councillor. This will mean that most of the Mid Devon
Business Park, Muxbeare Lane community, Hitchcocks Farm Business Park and the 90 houses
being built at Harvesters on the entrance to Uffculme will be represented by the Halberton
Councillor and not the three Lower Culm Members. Surely those areas now have a closer
affinity to the communities and facilities of Willand and Uffculme. See Willand Magazine for
full details of the Willand proposals to change the parish boundaries.

It is also noted that Kentisbeare Parish is to be split with Blackborough going to Upper Culm
Ward and Kentisbeare Village and outer areas coming to Lower Culm where they have no
real affinity to the communities of Lower Culm other than the connection through the

The following links will take you to the full report and we would urge residents to contact the Commission and support the Parish Council’s proposals

Boundary Commission Consultation

Boundary Commission Webpage


The Boundary Commission has now agreed the dates for the rest of the Mid Devon District Ward review, which are as follows:

Draft Recommendations Consultation Restarts:               08/06/2020
Draft Recommendations Consultation Ends:               19/07/2020
Final Recommendations Published:                                  29/09/2020
Order laying process:                                                     Late 2020/Early 2021
Implementation:                                                                 May 2023

The attached document outlines how the Commission intends to carry out effective consultations with various local authorities. Further information can be found on their website: