Police in Devon and Cornwall are seeing increasing victims of Bank and Police Impersonation Style Frauds, this is where people are receiving calls from individuals claiming to be from a person’s bank, local branch, the banks fraud department, the Financial Conduct Authority, or a Police Officer from a fraud department. As a result of the call people are often told their accounts have been compromised or the individual is asked to assist with an investigation by moving or using their money to catch the fraudsters. People are often asked to transfer their funds to a new account to safeguard their money or are requested to purchase items or withdraw cash in a story given of it helping investigations. People are often told staff at their local bank branch are involved in the scam and are told not to talk to anyone about it as it may compromise the Fraud Investigation. Devon and Cornwall Police would like to make people aware of these types of scams to hopefully stop more people falling victim. Read more here: FRAUD ALERT LINK