Finance and Administration Committee

Thursday 17 March 2022 - 7pm at Willand Village Hall


1. Apologies
To receive any apologies from Councillors

2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items.

3. Items brought forward from the Chair

4. Public questions on any of the agenda items

5. To approve the minutes of the meeting held: Thursday 16 December 2021

a) To review the Emergency Plan and identify any changes to be made
b) To review the need for the continuation of the Willand helpline
c) Training
i) To receive updates (verbal/written) on training attended by Councillors and Clerk since
16 December 2021
ii) To review future training for Councillors and Clerk
d) To discuss the draft lease for Chestnut Drive Play Area (circulated 11.3.22)

a) Expected end of year Income and Expenditure figures 2021/22
b) To agree the end of year figures for the reserves and capital budgets 2021/22

8. Councillors’ Roundtable: to receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.

Barbara Bodkin
Clerk to Willand Parish Council

11 March 2022


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