Full Council

Thursday 13 January 2022 - 7pm at Willand Village Hall


To consider the co-option of Nick Bartlett as a Councillor to fill the advertised vacancy on the Parish Council.

1. Apologies
To receive any apologies from Councillors

2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items

3. Items brought forward from the Chair

4. Public questions on any of the agenda items

5. To approve Minutes of the meeting held: Thursday 9 December 2021

6. Reports from District and County Councillors
a) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren
b) County Councillor Radford

7. For information and discussion
a) Crime in Willand reported to the police in November 2021
b) VAS report and Highways Working Group update
c) BMX track:
i) To receive an update from Councillor Grantham on the existing track
ii) To receive an update from Councillor Wilcox re BMX track/multipurpose skate area
project linked with S106 funding
d) To receive an update from Cemetery Working Group
e) To receive an update re Worcester Crescent hedge from Clerk
f) Chestnut Play Area update from Clerk
g) To receive Neighbourhood Plan update from Councillor Little
h) To receive update on Planning Enforcement re The Elms from Councillor Warren
i) To receive update on PSPO signage from Councillor Warren
j) Re: 21/01754/MARM – 125 dwellings adjacent to Meadow Park: to receive an update
from Councillors Glover and Grantham following consideration of the Reserved
Matters application by MDDC Planning Committee on 5.1.22
k) To receive an update from Councillor Tobin re new hawthorn hedge for allotments
road bank along Silver Street

8. Finance
a) Payment Authorisation of payment of invoices received since 9 December 2021
b) Income received in December 2021
c) Income and Expenditure report as at end of December 2021
d) Agree revised budget and precept for 2022-2023

9. Meeting dates
Thursday 10 February 2022 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 10 March 2022 – Full Council meeting preceded by Annual Parish meeting
Thursday 17 March 2022 – Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Thursday 14 April 2022 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 12 May 2022 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 9 June 2022 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 16 June 2022 – Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Working Groups – to note any scheduled dates

10. Councillors Roundtable: to receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.

11. Communications
A) To consider
i) Planning Application 20/02128/FULL – Pleasant Streams, Uffculme: to note the response from Angharad Williams dated 21.12.21 (Circulated 21.12.21) *

ii) To consider Parish Review consultation response, per MDDC email dated 16.12.21 (circulated on 20.12.21) and draft response circulated 23.12.21 (Previously circulated) *

iii) To consider Citizens Advice letter dated 7.12.21 asking for a donation. (Circulated
8.12.21) *

iv) Airband: to note email 15.12.21 from Community Liaison Executive (Circulated
6.1.22) *

Note: items above marked * have been resent with this agenda

B) Communications received since 4 December and forwarded to Councillors by email:

i) Current Planning Applications

a) 21/02521/MARM
Proposal: Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 19/00364/MARM to allow substitute plans – Reserved Matters application, pursuant to Outline application 15/01332/MOUT, for employment development of up to 5,256m2 of B1, 2,651m2 of B2 and 4,919m2 of B8 units together with internal access roads, parking and associated infrastructure – 21/00192/NMA Non Material Amendment granted 01.03.21
Location: Land at NGR 303681 111677 (North Of Mid Devon Business Park) Muxbeare Lane
Response submitted 22.12.21: Willand Parish Council offers no objection provided that no trees the subject of a Tree Protection Order are subjected to work or damage / removal.

b) 21/02413/FULL
Proposal: Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission 19/00444/FULL – Conversion
of outbuildings to 2 dwellings (Revised Scheme) – to allow amendments to the elevations
in accordance with the attached plans
Location: The Elms Willand Old Village Willand
Response due by 19 January 2022 (extension granted)

c) 21/02547/FULL
Proposal: Construction of yard area
Location: Land at NGR 303571 111566 Tiverton Business Park Muxbeare Lane
Response due by 25 January 2022

d) 21/02543/TPO
Proposal: Application to remove 1 Turkey Oak, 5 Sycamore, 1 Cherry, 1 Holly and 70
Ash trees and reduce limb of 1 Oak by 2m protected by Tree Preservation Order 74/00015/TPO and remove 6 Ash and 4 Sycamore trees protected by Tree Preservation Order 73/00012/TPO
Location: Land at Meadow Park Willand Devon
Response due by 26 January 2022

ii) Planning Decisions notified for information

a) 21/02085/TPO
Proposal: Application to reduce the lateral spread by 1m and remove new growth from
bottom of crown by 1m of Oak tree protected by Tree Preservation Order 02/00005/TPO
Location: Orchard Lodge North Jaycroft Willand
Decision: permission granted

iii) Newsletters and other correspondence
3 Mid Devon Press Releases
7 NALC bulletins and events newsletters
4 DALC newsletters
7 Mid Devon meeting notifications
4 Rural Services Network bulletins
6 Devon Communities Together bulletins
3 SLCC news bulletins
5 Devon County Council Coronavirus Updates
1 Neighbourhood Planning Newsletters/Events – Locality
1 Devon CPRE newsletters
1 National Highways notices
1 Devon Fire & Rescue Service consultation
2 Information Commissioner’s Office newsletter
1 South West Water road notice
4 Devon Highways Traffic Notice
1 Peninsula Transport newsletter
1 Devon Climate Emergency newsletter
1 Hospiscare Newsletter
2 MDDC Planning Admin Weekly updates
1 A J Gallagher Insurance newsletter

C) Communications not referred to Councillors
17 emails offering various seminars, equipment and services

Barbara Bodkin
Clerk to Willand Parish Council

7 January 2022



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