Full Council

Thursday 10 March 2022 - 7pm at Willand Village Hall


1. Apologies
To receive any apologies from Councillors

2. To receive any declarations of interest from Members on any of the agenda items

3. Items brought forward from the Chair

4. Public questions on any of the agenda items

5. Reports from District and County Councillors
a) District Councillors Chesterton, Evans and Warren
b) County Councillor Radford

6. To receive a presentation from Gigaclear
(Note: time restricted for presentation and discussion to 20 minutes)

7. To approve Minutes of the meeting held: Thursday 10 February 2022

8. For information and discussion
a) Crime in Willand reported to the police in January 2022
b) VAS report and Highways Working Group update
c) BMX track:
i) to receive an update from Councillor Wilcox
ii) to consider forming a Pump Track Working Group for the project
d) To receive an update from Cemetery Working Group
e) Chestnut Play Area:
i) to discuss draft lease
ii) to consider re-instating a Working Group to move the project forward
f) Neighbourhood Planning Group: To receive a report from Councillor Little
g) To receive an update from Councillor Tobin re new hawthorn hedge for allotments
road bank along Silver Street
h) Platinum Jubilee memento for Primary School children: Clerk to provide feedback from Headteacher for consideration by Councillors

9. Finance
a) Payment Authorisation of payment of invoices received since 4 Feb 2022
b) Income received in February 2022
c) Income and Expenditure report as at end of February 2022

10. Meeting dates
Thursday 17 March 2022 – Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Thursday 14 April 2022 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 12 May 2022 – Annual Parish Council Meeting and Full Council meeting
Thursday 9 June 2022 – Full Council meeting
Thursday 16 June 2022 – Finance and Administration Committee meeting
Thursday 14 July 2022 – Full Council meeting
Working Groups – to note any scheduled dates

11. Councillors Roundtable: to receive any further information from Councillors and to highlight future agenda items.

12. Communications
A) To consider
i) “Plan Mid Devon” issues paper: to discuss and draft/agree response, due by
22 March (Circulated 27.1.22)*
ii) PC Adrian Legg’s letter (from Cullompton Neighbourhood Policing Team) and offer for a Councillor to accompany the Police Officers on their patrols (Circulated 9.2.22)*
iii) Willand Tennis Club’s request for funding
iv) MDDC Town and Parish Planning Training: next session 7 April on S106 Agreements (details in March “Town & Parish Newsletter”) (Circulated 3.3.22)
v) MDDC Parish Councillor Training: for new and current Councillors, 16 March
(details in March “Town & Parish Newsletter”) – attendance needs to be booked
vi) Barratt David Wilson – consultation re land North of Tiverton Road, Cullompton
(Circulated 4.3.22)
Note: items above marked * have been resent with this agenda

B) Communications received since 4 February and forwarded to Councillors by email:

i) Current Planning Applications

a) 22/00252/FULL
Proposal: Erection of dwelling
Location: Land at NGR 303375 111160 Adj. 17 Barnes Close Willand
Response date (following extension request): 14 March 2022

b) 21/02414/HOUSE
Proposal: Erection of two storey extension to rear following demolition of existing conservatory
Location: St Julitta Gables Road Willand
Response date (following extension request): 14 March 2022

c) 22/00339/FULL
Proposal: Erection of an agricultural building
Location: Land and Buildings at NGR 304162 110850 Weir Mill Farm Jaycroft
Response date (following extension request): 14 March 2022

d) 22/00353/TPO
Proposal: Application to pollard 1 Weeping Willow tree protected by Tree Preservation Order 04/00011/TPO
Location: Woodsmoke Cottage Willand Cullompton
Response date: 10 March 2022
Response submitted 4.3.22: Willand Parish Council offers no objection.

e) 22/00370/TPO
Proposal: Application to remove 1 Oak tree; reduce the crown of 1 Oak tree by 1-2m and reduce one side of the tree by 3-4m protected by Tree Preservation Order 09/00002/TPO
Location: 5 Rectory Close Willand Old Village Cullompton
Response date: 14 March 2022

ii) Planning Decisions notified for information

a) 21/02543/TPO
Proposal: Application to remove 1 Turkey Oak, 5 Sycamore, 1 Cherry, 1 Holly and 70 Ash trees and reduce limb of 1 Oak by 2m protected by Tree Preservation Order 74/00015/TPO and remove 6 Ash and 4 Sycamore trees protected by
Tree Preservation Order 73/00012/TPO
Location: Land at Meadow Park Willand Devon
Decision: Consent granted, including Informative Note re Wildlife and the Law

iii) Newsletters and other correspondence
5 Mid Devon Press Releases
10 NALC bulletins and events newsletters
2 DALC newsletters
3 Mid Devon meeting notifications
5 Rural Services Network bulletins
1 SLCC news bulletin
6 Devon County Council Coronavirus Updates
2 Locality Newsletters
1 Devon CPRE newsletter
1 Devon Highways Traffic Notice
1 MDDC Town and Parish Newsletter
1 Hospiscare Newsletter
1 Fire & Rescue Service bulletin
1 Devon & Cornwall Police update
1 CHAT newsletter
1 Devon Local Nature Partnership newsletter

C) Communications not referred to Councillors
20 emails offering various seminars, equipment and services

Barbara Bodkin
Clerk to Willand Parish Council
4 March 2022

20220310 Full Council Agenda